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About Jonathan

Jon Worthy has lived in Nashville for over 8 years now! It was during his sophomore year of college where he truly fell in love with songwriting and started to understand how much music meant to him. In these 8 years in Nashville, Jon has been touring, writing, producing, releasing music, and co-writing non-stop. Anything he can do musically to quench his creative thirst he will jump on board with. He played 121 shows in 2019 including several festivals such as Musikfest, The River Rat Festival, Harvest Fest, and more. His music has been featured in small indie films such as The Long Way, Major League baseball, commercials for companies such as Savills, and various YouTube vlogs and podcasts. “I write mostly about my experiences with other people such as relationships and interactions and that’s truly how I process all my emotions. I understand the pain and joy of love and loss and big life moments. And I think that’s why I can take people’s ideas and experiences and turn them in to memorable personal custom songs!” “For my solo music I veer more towards americana folk/rock/alt country, but I also make a lot of country music, pop music, R&B, and even some hip hop! Whatever style music you are looking for I can make a reality”

Featured Review

“We love SongStory Music! Having a custom song written by Jon Worthy to celebrate a loved one’s milestones was brilliant! Very few gifts are this personal; this is a gift that my family will appreciate forever; especially knowing it was created just for them by an amazing local songwriter! I would highly recommend it!”


~ Dixie Moseley ~

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