Kelsey Abbott

Indie / Folk / Singer Songwriter

Songbird City Artist Kelsey Abbott

Nashville-based artist Kelsey Abbott writes songs that feel like the voice in the back of your head was finally given a mic. In April 2019, she released her debut EP, “Dreaming With My Eyes.” In it, she showcases her exceptional songwriting with a stripped-back, acoustic sound. Now, in her latest endeavor, Kelsey is breaking the mold for herself by allowing new influences to push her towards a more alternative/indie sound. In such a unique season of life and surrounded by her intensely creative friends, she’s stepping out of her comfort zone in a way that seems to simply fall into place. Leading with the upcoming single “All My Friends,” listeners will quickly recognize Kelsey’s signature songwriting focusing on autobiographical lyrics that resonate. But beyond the surface, they’ll notice a more experimental edge, with as much emphasis on production as lyrics.

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“We are so grateful to Sarah and Katelyn and Derek for our family’s custom song. They exceeded our expectations! This song was a PERFECT reflection of who we are as a family, and I know it is one that we will play for years (and hopefully) generations to come. Everyone at Songbird City has used their talents to help bring to life our heart for each other as husband and wife, our children and our faith, and I am so grateful.”

~ Jeremy Swafford ~

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Kelsey Abbott