The Perfect Gift

Looking for that perfect gift that tells your special someone how much you care? Or how about a unique gift that they would never expect? Who doesn’t love music?! We’ve got you covered! A custom song is the gift that they can have forever. A gift that lasts a lifetime and is completely unexpected and unique.

Your Favorite Memories

Life is filled with so many moments and memories and we love putting all of that into your custom song! Your custom song can have any details in it that you like. We create your custom song to sound exactly as you would envision. It can be about how you met, your favorite things about your spouse, why you love them, your favorite vacation, etc. We love bringing your song to life by a Nashville songwriter!

The Details

Once you purchase your custom song with us we begin to create it from the ground up. You tell us the genre you want whether that be country, pop, singer-songwriter, etc. You can then pick your Nashville songwriter that you feel would be the best fit for your song! You tell us your favorite memories, who the song is for, etc. In 5 business days we create a custom song from scratch with all of your details included in your song. It really is the best gift that you could give your loved one! They will remember it forever! Let a professional Nashville songwriter create this custom song for you.

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