Jingles by Nashville songwriters

Why Songbird City?

We love creating commercial jingles for our customers by Nashville songwriters. Our team of professional artists are local to Nashville and have created hundreds of songs for customers in all different areas of business. We understand that every business is unique and your brand is what represents you the best. We love putting your brand into a song for your customers to connect with. Our artists are carefully selected by our creative team to ensure a quality and professional team. We want to make your vision a reality and together we can create something tailored just for you!

Why Do I Need A Jingle?

Commercial jingles are a great way to showcase your brand creatively through song. People connect with music and allowing us to create a memorable tune for your company can help your customers remember you! You can use a jingle for advertising, social media, radio, TV, etc! Its a great resource to use to make sharing about your business more interesting and memorable. Everyone has a specific brand they know where a jingle has been stuck in their head and we want to do that for you!

Middle aged woman music arranger composing song on a audio equipment in digital recording studio. Music producer. Sound engineer. Sound operator in audio recording studio.

Telling Your Story

We love telling your story! The process to creating your commercial jingle is easy and we make the process as simple as possible. You provide the details of your brand and what you would like included in the song such as business name, mascot, story, etc and in 5 business days, our team creates a specialized song just for you. Our songs are recorded in quality studios right here in Nashville and we know you will love your song. Whatever your business is or your story, our writers know how to put your story into a song that will best represent your company to your customers. So what are you waiting for?! Create your song today!

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