All The Details

When making your custom song, there are several steps that need to take place in order to make your personalized song come to life! When creating a custom song, you should think about who and what you would like to have your song written about. Having an idea of who the custom song is for will help you to start envisioning your idea for your song. Having a custom song made is a gift that lasts a lifetime because it holds within the song all the memories that are so special to you! Once you have determined who your custom song is for you can begin to think of what details you would like to have included in your song, and what style of music you would like to hear! Dream of what sounds like you or your loved one! You can have any story you like created into a song such as a love story, honoring someones life, childhood memory, first dance, etc. The options are endless when deciding what you would like your song written about!

Cute romantic couple drinking red wine. Couple celebrating anniversary, Valentine’s day.

Your Sound

Once you have determined who your custom song is for and all of your details of your story you would like to include, it is time for you to decide the sound and style of music you would like for it to sound like and who you would like to sing your song! When you think of your loved one, what style of music comes to mind? Is it country, jazz, indie, pop? What sounds like them? What kind of music makes them happy? Once you have determined your style of music. Choose whether you want the sound to be happy, sad, upbeat or slow. This helps songwriters understand your vision for your sound. Determining the genre and style of your song is a great way to help songwriters understand your vision. Our songwriters have in home studios that allow them to create in their own home! Once they have gathered everything they need to build your song, they begin to create and write your custom song based off of all the details you provided. It’s that easy! That create a custom song from the ground up with lyrics, melodies and vocals just for you and your loved ones.

Listen To Your Song

Once the songwriters have completed your custom song you will receive an email with a link to your MP3 and lyrics to your very own song! How cool is that?! Listening to your custom song for the very first time can be emotional! Music moves and inspires us and hearing a song that is all about you and your loved one is a memorable and special moment. Knowing that the songwriters created something special just for you and your loved one from the ground up, is one of the most unique gifts that could be given. Everyone loves music so you can’t go wrong! When listening to your song, share it with those you love, or surprise someone with it for a gift! The song is yours so you’re able to share it through social media, at a wedding, in a slideshow etc. As long as you’re not making money from it, you’re all good! Family and friends will love to hear your personalized song!

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