Music City

Nashville is the capital of country music which is where it has been called Music City. It is called Music City because of the melting pot of musicians and songwriters that dwell here in Nashville. Not only country music, but every genre of music can be found here in Nashville. People travel from all over to experience the talent that is on every corner in Nashville. We call Nashville the city of dreamers because of how many songwriters move to Nashville to see their dreams of writing music for a living come to life. The journey to become a professional songwriter is no easy road and it takes those that are the most passionate about what they do that will see the success they desire. The challenge is moving to a city where everyone is just as talented as you are so you have to have confidence in you who you are and know what makes you stand out and what makes you unique. 

Nashville, Tennessee, USA downtown city skyline rooftop view at dusk.

Who We Are

Nashville songwriters are some of the best in the business because of the amount of talent they are surrounded by and the best songwriters in the country move here every year. Just adventure to downtown Broadway and you will see how many talented songwriters and musicians are just on the one strip of honky tonk row. And that’s just downtown! We have famous music row and so many incredible venues here in Nashville where you will find even more talent! It never ends and for that we are grateful! We don’t take for granted living in a city where so many people love music! Our songwriters are so passionate about what they do and that is why they’re successful. It starts with a love for music and it takes off from there! Nashville songwriters know what it takes to make an incredible song and that’s why we’re proud to have so many incredible writers on our roster. 

Unique Sound

Each songwriter has their own unique sound and genre that they thrive in. Some of them are even able to write in multiple genres! They each bring a new sound to our roster and have developed their own talent and sound through collaborating with other songwriters and spending time perfecting their craft. Having a Nashville songwriter write a custom song for you is giving you a piece of Nashville that we love so much. It represents who we are as Music City and gives you a personal, behind the scenes experience of the talent that embodies each songwriter right here in Nashville. 

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