Live Music

So many people visit Nashville every year to experience the music of Nashville. After all, we’re Music City. But when you come visit how do you know where to go to experience the best live music? With hundreds of music venues it can be hard to know where to go! First you need to decide what type of setting you’re wanting to hear live music. Are you wanting an intimate setting or a concert type setting? We have it all! Venues like the famous Bluebird Cafe and The Listening Room Cafe are great for an intimate setting because people come to have that one on one experience with a local songwriter. Listen to their music, hear their story, etc. These types of venues value silence from the audience to give that more unique experience. There’s a reason these venues are busy almost every day of the week. You can also head down to famous Broadway where there are tons of bars with live music on every corner! Head over to the famous Tootsies and you can go enjoy a drink, dance and have a good time! We also have larger venues such as The Ryman and Bridgestone Arena where its more of a concert setting. Whatever you’re thinking for your next Nashville trip to hear live music, we have all the options for you!

Visit Music Museums

If you want to learn more about the history of Nashville then we have the coolest places for you to do that! There is so much rich history here for you to explore! From the Country Music Hall of Fame, Johnny Cash, and George Jones museum. You can also book tours with the famous Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium and get to go backstage and see where the stars have been! With so much history here in Nashville, we’re proud to offer our visitors the chance to see why we are called Music City and why we love it here so much! By visiting these different spots, you get to feel more connected to the music and the history of Nashville. It really allows you to appreciate the music community here even more!


Nashville is in no short supply of restaurants when you come to visit! Of course, we’re known for our hot fried chicken and barbecue such as Hattie Bs fried chicken or Edleys Barbecue. But we have so much more! Depending what you’re looking for, Nashville has 5-star restaurants with awarded Chefs and different experiences depending on where you go! You can have a 5 course chef inspired evening at the Catbird Seat or head on over to the J.W. Marriott to visit Bourbon Steak on their top floor with sweeping views of the city and exceptional service. With so many incredible rooftop hotels with views of the city, you can also experience their food and drink menus while looking out to an incredible view. Need a good burger?! Head over to 12 South neighborhood and visit Burger UP where they source all of their ingredients locally and have the juiciest burgers. You really can’t go wrong. You can visit popular neighborhoods in Nashville such as 12 South, The Gulch, Green Hills, Hillsboro Village and downtown! All of these areas will have incredible restaurants for you to try.

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