We Are Nashville

Songbird City was created and founded right here in Music City, where dreamers are found on every corner. Founded by Sarah Moseley who is a songwriter herself, and wanted to create a business that would support her songwriting community in Nashville. Writing songs and creating music is what we do, it’s what Nashville is known for. People travel from all over the country to have a Nashville experience and we provide our customers with a one on one experience with our songwriters by purchasing a custom song. We want our customers to choose Songbird City because of the quality and professionalism that our artists bring to every custom song they create. We’re Nashville’s first and only custom song company and we’re proud to provide our customers with a unique Nashville experience. Every custom song that is purchased is providing our songwriters with another layer of financial income to allow them to pursue music and do what they love. So not only do you get a quality custom song written and recorded by a Nashville artist, but you get to support the songwriter first hand with your purchase. We want Songbird City to be more than just a custom song company but has a mission attached to it as well. And we KNOW that you will LOVE your custom song.

Quality Custom Songs

There are so many reasons that we’re set apart from other custom song companies. First, we have carefully selected each of our Nashville artists to provide customers with a professional songwriter experience and have chosen to keep our roster only local Nashville songwriters to support the community here. Why go anywhere else when we have the best of the best?! Second, we create meaningful custom songs that are more than just reading words off of a page. With each custom song, we want to create a beautiful story filled with all of your favorite memories and moments. Songs that are not cheesy but heartfelt, meaningful and thought through. And the most important thing that sets us apart is QUALITY. We strive to provide our customers with quality, professional songs and recordings that are radio worthy. We want to honor your favorite memories and moments by giving it our best and blowing our customers away with the level of quality of lyrics, music and singing. We are a premium product and with our team of professional Nashville songwriters, we always deliver.

Professional Team

We work, live, and create songs in Music City. Our roster of songwriters has been carefully selected by our creative team because we believe in providing our customers with the highest level of songwriters. Our roster of songwriters have 10 + years of experience in the industry and have seen so much success from their own careers. Some of our artists have opened for big names in the industry such as Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Jodee Messina and more! We’ve also been proud to have multiple artists on NBC The Voice! Our artists are actively involved in the music industry world and sing and play live shows all the time. Even the founder Sarah has been in the music industry for over 12 years and has written multiple albums and has had her music on television. We’re so proud of the team of artists we represent and it feels so good to be confident not only in our product but also in our incredible team of writers. With each custom song that comes in, our artists write, record and sing every song in their own studio right here in Nashville. How cool is that?! We truly believe we have the best jobs in the world and love getting to provide customers with heartfelt and meaningful custom songs that they get to have for their loved ones for a lifetime.

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